Five books you have to read

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I read a lot, like really a lot. Or I try to anyways. Lately I've been studying too much to care about my stack of books growing on my desk. I simply buy too many books to fit on my shelves, which is starting to become a problem. Someone wise once said that reading is good for you, and I can't but agree to that.
If you're not a reader, but want to start exploring the different worlds captured in books, or if you're like me, always looking for new books to buy; here is my five-books-you-have-to-read-list!
The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde
Looking for Alaska - John Green
The Fault in Our Stars - John Green
The Book of Tomorrow - Cecilia Ahern
About a Boy - Nick Hornby
I must say that I do have quite a few favourites, and these are just five of them! To make it a bit easier, I picked five that somehow apply to the same category and are not parts of a series. If you like, or think you like, books about life, a little love, and lots of breathtaking quotes and questions; these are The Books for you! What differs Oscar Wilde's from the other four, is that The Picture of Dorian Gray does not take place today but abuot 150 years ago. Some may say I'm completely wrong, that they are not at all like eachother. Well, partly true, because the stories are not very similar. But what they all have, are questions about life and society, how we live and adapt to eachother and how our actions affect others. That is what i love about them all, and I hope yuo'll love them too!

My favourites too!!


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