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It's a summer recap

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This summer has been a summer without its like. Since the first free day after school, I have been constantly occupied by various adventures. It started just a few days after we had got our vacation. Early in the morning i brought my suitcase with me and together with my best friend Olivia, we headed to Arlanda airport. A few hours later we found ourselves starving at Stansted airport, heading for the nearest McDonald's. After filling our bellies with food, we took our suitcases, jumped on the nearest train and began our journey to Brighton. We had to change train three times before we finally arrived at our destination; tired, happy and with our bellies filled with chocolate. 
The day after our arrival we met up with our two friends, Sandy and Molly, who had come to brighton the day before, directly from Edinburgh, Scotland. Together, we spent our days in "London by the sea" eating, drinking, shopping, gossiping, laughing and shopping a little more. The weather was absolutely amazing and we had an amazing time together before it was time for us to go back to Sweden.
Well back in Sweden, I had about 12 hours to repack my stuff, eat, and sleep bofore it was time for me to go on my second adventure. In the morning at the 25th of July, I was ready. Together with a bunch of friends, we drove off to what would be the five most dirty, fun, amazing and drunk days of my life. Yes, it was time for the festival of the year; Bråvalla. 
With these lovelies you can see on the picture, plus about 10 more, I experienced a lot those five days. The first two days were boiling hot and the weather was too good to be true. That day we saw some of my absolute favourite artists. Jake Bugg, Markus Krunegård, Lewis Watson, Imagine Dragons, Lewis Watson... It was crazy! Then, since the weather had been "too good to be true", it started to rain. An oh how it rained. I have never ever in my life experienced such a downpour, and it continued to rain until the day we went home; the 29th of July. Those rainy days were crazy fun, even though my tent was filled with water and I was all covered in mud. 
Then, after five days of constant happines, it was time to return home to Örebro. We packed opur belongings and took a bus home. The best thing about coing home was actually the food. After have been living in dirt for five days I was not so bothered about it anymore. But the food... I never knew how good pasta pesto and bread actually could taste!
About a week at home went by before I once again broght my suitcase with my on an adventure. My family, best friend Ebba and I went to Sardinia for 10 days. We ate lots of food, drank cheap strawberry wine and took many swims in the beautiful ocean. Late nights and early mornings, we had such a lovely time on this italian island!
Tomorrow I will go back to school and start my last year. At the same time as I am quite happy to go back, this summer has been absolutely fantastic, and I do not want it to end. This was just a little recap of what I have been up to, and I promise more pictures to come. Until then, enjoy your last days of summer!


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I tisdgags åkte jag och min klass till Stockholm för att studera geografi och arkitektur. Efter några timmar på olika museum så fick vi en stund över för shopping. En riktigt trevlig dag i huvudstaden innan vi åkte hem 18.00!
Tuesday, my class and I went to Stockholm to stufy geography and architecture. After a few hours in various museums we got a little time to go shopping. A really nice day in the capital before we returned home at 6 pm!

happy late Harry Potter day

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Så, igår vardet den 2:a maj, det vill säga "Harry Potter day". Självjklart firade jag med att läsa några kapitel ur den första boken i den bästa serien någonsin!
So, yesterday was the 2nd of May, that is, "Harry Potter day". Of course I celebrated by reading a few chapters in the first book of the best series ever!

Instagram breakfast

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De senaste två veckorna har varit fyllda med plugg och jag har därför inte haft tid att uppdatera bloggen. Om ni vill får ni gärna följa mig på instagram @ellendahlstrom för fler uppdateringar ur mitt liv!

The last two weeks have been filled with homeworks and I have therefor not had any time to update the blog. If you want to, you can follow me on instagram @ellendahlstrom for more frequent updates from my life!

Blueberries & oatmeal

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Jag älskar frukost och en av mina nya favoriter är havregrynsgröt med blåbär. Mums!
I love breakfast and one of my new favourites is oatmeal with blueberries. Yum!

Five hours later

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Söndagar är för mig vanligtvis de dagar då jag gör allt sista minuten plugg och lägger mig tidigt för att inte riskera att somna i skolbänken nästa dag. Men idag var ett undantag! Efter ett par veckor av aldeles för mycket att plugga, så har vi äntligen fått lite ledigt och ja tog tillfället i akt och satte mig ned för att måla. Fem timmar senare var jag klar; en landskapsmålning inspirerad av den galet duktiga konstnären Bob Ross.
Vad tycker ni? Själv är jag faktiskt rätt så nöjd!
Sundays for me are usually the days when I do all my last minute studying and go to bed early to not risk falling asleep in school the day after. But today was an exception! After a few weeks of too much studying we've finally got a few chill days, so I took the opportunity to sit down and paint. Five hours later I was done; a landscape painting inspired by the ridiculously talented artist Bob Ross.
What do you think? I'm actually quite happy with the result!